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Meet the Characters

Maggie McNair

A seven year old girl who thrives off of catching tadpoles, climbing trees and getting dirty, finds the indoor life to be rather boring. With the aid of her vivid imagination, when she steps into her backyard, it becomes an endless world of adventure and exploration. Her inquisitive nature keeps her in wonder of God’s magnificent creation. She is respectful and obeys instruction but can be easily influenced and is prone to getting sidetracked.

Miss Spider

Miss Spider is a very talented “web designer” and never ceases to amaze her friends with her web-spinning creativity. She often has to gently remind her friends to use their manners. Everyone loves Miss Spider and seeks her advice. Plenty of times she dispenses advice without being asked, too.

Sugar Bug

Sugar Bug never misses a meal, especially when it contains sweet, sweet sugar. He works hard to control himself when he sees a candy confection, but once his sugar switch flips, it’s hard to contain his attraction for the glittering granules. Sometimes Maggie’s impulsiveness makes him a little nervous (he’s probably jumpy from all that sugar) but other than that, he’s a pretty mellow fellow..

Stink Bug

Stink Bug doesn’t like baths. He thinks he smells fine and doesn’t mind getting dirty at all. Fearless and funny, he can mimic anyone’s voice– Especially his friends. They don’t mind, they think it’s hilarious. He can always make the best of a bad situation. The other bugs tolerate his “pungent aroma” because he’s fun to be around.


Firefly is a very young bug with a warm and generous spirit. His bright light comes in handy when he and his bug buddies are having a night time adventure, or exploring dark caves and tunnels. He’s not yet learned the art of diplomacy, and it gets him in trouble sometimes because he speaks up when he thinks something isn’t right.

Booger Bug

Booger Bug is slow and steady... and sticky! He tends to find himself in some sticky messes. Yes, he’s gross and slimy, but he’s kind and helpful, too. Plus, sometimes his stickiness comes in handy.

Love Bug

Love Bug has the attention span of... well, a love bug. She flutters here and there, spreading the love. She’s easily distracted by diff–... “Ooooh look!... a pretty, pretty flower”... Oh, uhh... but true to her name, she loves love, and almost anything that crosses in front of her eyes...“Oooh! A butterfly!”


Roly is a roly-poly beetle who always comes rolling in like a ball of sunshine, bringing light to every situation. He’s also a showman and a jokester that keeps his friends amused (sometimes unintentionally).


Zamar is a praying mantis. He is the wise old sage. A fatherly figure to the bug friends and advises them through their challenges, but only when they ask. Otherwise, he spends most of his time studying and writing.


Papsi is a senior citizen stick bug. He’s a bit of an “old codger”, who’s gruff on the outside, but an old softie on the inside. When he’s not yelling at the young bugs to get off of his lawn, he likes doing all the old person things like checking his mail and coordinating his doctors’ appointments. If he’s in the mood, he might dust off his old banjo and play a tune.


Ace is a sneaky night crawler who creeps in and out of conversation in attempts to create mischief and mayhem. His favorite trick is to change his body into different shapes to distract and mesmerize. Maggie’s bug friends always encourage her to ignore what he says and not to let him get in her head.

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